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Linda Bryer
72 years old
Place of birth:  Newark, New Jersey, United States
Date of passing:  April 25th, 2020
Place of passing:  Santa Cruz, California, United States

     My strong, vivacious, brilliant, innately humorous, kind, fun, creative, sweet, inspiring, optimistic, caring, generous, loving and nurturing Mother, Linda "Roxanne" Bryer, passed away on Saturday night. She was a remarkable woman in so many ways: PR firm owner, Inventor, painting party business owner, Professional Singer, and published Author who had so much passion that you couldn’t help but be entranced by her vibrant energy. I’m heartbroken and devastated that she is gone.

     I left LA to care for her 20 months ago, and although I wish I could have had more time with her, I take solace in knowing that she is no longer suffering and is at peace. She will always be my hero. I am grateful to you, my family and friends, for your support and love at this time. It’s even harder not being able to see you all right now as I can’t sit Shiva or hold a proper funeral. I will honor her memory with a “Celebration of Life” ceremony later this year, when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, I wish you all health, safety and love.




     Candle lit  by Michael Levine on May 11th, 2020

     A word of tribute to Linda Roxanne: THANK YOU for always being there, for always providing a caring, patient ear to address all our woes and grievances, all-the-while leavening your kind wisdom with an unfailing sense of humor -- in even the darkest of times.

THANK YOU for always making any occasion special, just by attending; sharing your keen wit, your easy laughter, and your deeply insightful -- yet seemingly effortless -- observations.

THANK YOU for your effusive warmth and generosity of spirit; always thinking of others, even as you were facing the greatest challenges yourself.

THANK YOU for being the goodwill ambassador of 350 Field Place -- and keeping Lenny, Kenny and Barbara from killing me!

     And, of course, THANK YOU for being a great sister; always investigating avenues and resources to be helpful in my career, and day-to-day living situations. Although you will be enormously missed, you will always be here within all of us, and our beautiful dialogue will continue unabated.

     Much love to everyone who communicated with me during these moments of crisis, for us and the nation, and let's honor Linda by staying upbeat, and loving toward our fellow man.

     Here's to you, sis!

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Candle Lit by Chaz Hawley on June 3rd, 2020

     What a pleasure it was to have known Linda. Her energy and entheusiasm could light up a city!
She had taken on so many different endeavors, been so successful and had ample energy to keep on even in the uphill battles that she faced for the last dozen or more years, you would have thought that she was on top of the world and had it all under control.

     Always so very personable and truly interested in whoever she was interacting with, she came up with the most positive and engaging discussions. Such a unique woman, I will truly miss her!

     Thanks for being such a great friend!


     Linda Roxanne Bryer --in her own words-- from her Santa Cruz Weird website

     Jill Will, aka Linda Roxanne Bryer, has lived throughout Santa Cruz County during the past 30+ years, ever since she moved here from the east coast. She is a writer, publicist, vocalist and, as she calls herself, a "serial entrepreneur." But it is her deep passion for writing – and singing and life – that is the consistent thread that ties it all together.

    Linda Roxanne possesses a strong creative streak, evidenced by her career in marketing, advertising, public relations, and writing/ editing. These skills were developed as a result of more than 25 years of experience, starting on Madison Avenue, New York. At NYU, she took graduate courses in creative writing and promotional copywriting. Her talents meld into a smoothly blended mix of advertising, marketing, award-winning copywriting, creative concepts, and public relations practices & strategies that come together seamlessly.

    She has created original online and offline advertising, website content, press releases, articles, comedy skits, interviews, radio jingles & commercials, TV spots, video scripts, and short stories. Linda Roxanne reinvented herself again in 2012, being the first to bring the "painting party" concept to the Bay Area with her Matisse & Merlot Painting Parties. She is still hosting these parties today by catering to Corporate Team Building clients. And all throughout these "day jobs" she has been singing occasionally – under the name Roxanne--blues, rock & roll, and standards.

    She received two Monterey Bay Sammy Awards: Silver for copywriting in a print medium, and Bronze for a radio campaign. She was also awarded a US Utility Patent for a niche invention, The Ci-Garage ( Recently, she was the Health & Beauty writer for the monthly Los Gatos Magazine. Currently, Linda Roxanne is enjoying writing for a variety of websites and creating entertaining short stories. (Santa Cruz Weird)


    Linda Bryer [Obituary from the Santa Cruz Sentinel]

    June 4, 1947 - April 25, 2020 Scotts Valley
    Linda "Roxanne" Bryer died at Dominican Hospital on April 25, 2020 in Santa Cruz, CA due to complications of pancreatic cancer. She was ageless.

    Ms. Bryer was born in Newark, NJ to her parents, Ben and Anne Levine. She graduated from Trenton State University with a double degree in English and Theatre. She studied Advertising and Public Relations at New York University. She began her career in advertising on Madison Ave, NY. She married Steven Bryer in 1971. They moved to Santa Cruz, CA in 1972. She was a real entrepreneur who owned an advertising and PR firm for 30 years focusing on the Natural Health Industry. She founded Matisse & Merlot Painting parties. Invented and patented the Ci-Garage. She was a published author and volunteered at many organizations.

    Her two favorite passions were doting on her only child, Liana, and singing R&B/Rock with local bands. She was kind, strong, vivacious, brilliant, creative, generous, innately humorous, inspiring, optimistic, loving and nurturing with an indefatigable spirit. She touched so many people's lives and the world is now a dimmer place without her vibrant energy.

    She is survived by her daughter, Liana Bryer, of San Jose, CA, sister Barbara, and brother Michael.